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DoCash DC-45V

Accepts New Notes!!
Note Sorters & Counters


  • Counting of mixed notes with a total amount
  • Counterfeit authentication of banknotes
  • Optional Fitness sorting (degradation, dirt, holes, angles, tears, tape, inscriptions)
  • Sorting by denominations
  • Sorting by face and orientation
  • Optional Scanning, recognition, and unloading of serial numbers of banknotes in any orientation

Types of Inspections

  • Dual CIS
  • Visible image on both sides of the banknote
  • IR image of both sides of the banknote
  • Lack of UV luminescence
  • Full Size SD Card Capturing Images of Tickets in a Dedicated TITO Mode


  • Two CIS visible image sensors for perfect counterfeit authentication and sorting
  • The most compact fitness sorter on the market
  • Highest sorting speed in serial number comparison mode
  • Up to 15 Currencies
  • Serial numbers comparison in any orientation (optional)

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