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Coin Sorters & Counters

Fast transactions, minimal staff involvement

JetCoin self-service coin counters deliver efficient dependable operation for care-free machine management. Our superior accuracy and reliability make the compact JetCoin coin counter an excellent choice for your business. Increase the frequency of return visits, and draw in new customers by making coin counting fun and easy.

  • High-speed processing: Using industry-proven, heavy-duty coin processing technology, the JetCoin self-service coin counting machine processes up to 10,000 coins per minute, providing the fastest coin counting and sorting in the industry
  • Touch-screen display: An intuitive touch-screen display guides your customers through the coin processing transaction
  • Comprehensive reports: Transaction tracking includes coin counter history records and two archive memory options

Choose between two coin-collection options 

  • Sorted bag: Each denomination is counted and sorted into separate bags which require no further processing. Dual bags for high-volume denominations are also available.
  • Mixed bag: Combines the convenience of bags with the flexibility of mixed coin containers. Coins are counted by denomination and collected in six mixed bags, each holding approximately 6,000 coins.


  • Suspect coin detection: Automatically offsorts suspicious coins during coin counting processing.
  • Custom merchandising: Attention-grabbing merchandising items are available to increase awareness and use of your self-service coin counter. Colorful machine graphics, posters and backlit headers bring added awareness to your coin counting machine, while staff buttons, reminder handouts, floor signs and other merchandising items can be used to promote your coin redemption center throughout your store.

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