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Laurel LAC-17

Coin Wrappers

Laurel LAC-17 Automatic Coin Wrapper

The LAUREL LAC-17 Automatic Coin Wrapper can produce 40 coin rolls per minute!

  • Heavy duty coin wrapping machine for the continual production of coin rolls for up to 24 hours per day.
  • Coin rolls allow easy distribution of cash change in tamper evident paper wraps.
  • The Laurel LAC17 can produce 40 coin rolls per minute.
  • The Laurel LAC 17 has a 1 year warranty.
  • The Laurel LAC 17 is the industry leader in heavy duty automatic coin wrapping equipment.
  • The LAC 17 has been developed for the special customer who have the working environment where the coin wrapping machine must be in operation for many hours per day.
  • The critical worn-out parts have been greatly improved in their durability to ensure many years of operation.


  • Automatic jam recovery and rejection with a unique mechanism clearing the jam speedily and automatically
  • Foreign coin rejection and coins not meeting the specification of the coins being wrapped are rejected into the clear box
  • Super heavy-duty robust construction and high speed mechanism always assure steady and efficient coin counting and wrapping productivity
  • Unique ‘Maintenance Mode’ will help greatly reduce the delicate and time-consuming mechanical and electrical adjustments

Height: 45.27 inches / 1150 mm
Width: 16.14 inches / 410 mm
Depth: 23.62 inches / 600 mm
Weight: 310 lbs. / 140 kgs
Wrapping Speed: Max 40 Rolls per minute
Counting Speed: 3,000 coins per minute

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